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Re: [TypicalGirls] 15 must-haves for the beginning girl roChuck, weren't you planning at least tentatively once upon a time to do a comp of H2D/Messthetics-era female-oriented stuff? Any chance that's still on the horizon somewhere?

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  I'll admit I haven't heard Oh-OK's 'Complete Recordings' CD, but am I the only one here who's wondering what they're doing on this list? The 7" is cute, the 12" is fine for what it is (surely it's not hard to see how much of that was Mitch Easter --and Matthew Sweet), but if there's only going to be four American bands wouldn't the early Bangles material be a fairer example? To say nothing of "Horses". And if it's okay to have boys in the band, surely Exene's share of the X material rates a (required) listen.  (Better yet, X and the Richard & Linda Thompson LPs belong at the top of any list of how to write great songs with your lover.  Only the songs survive...)

  If you have the chance to hear the UK mix of the Lene Lovich LP (not sure which is on the Rhino CD) it is radically different --and far superior.  And since we're talking education and inspiration rather than music-history, the Siouxsie 'hits' collection is surely the better choice.  Have I mentioned Patti Smith recently?



    I'm ambivalent about the Siouxsie dilemma. We need some more people to chime in!

    OK, here's the list so far.

    Au Pairs:  "Stepping Out of Line" 2 CD anthology (Castle)
    Bush Tetras: "Boom in the Night" collection of demos and EPs 1980-83 (ROIR)
    Delta 5: "Singles and Sessions 1979-81" (Kill Rock Stars)
    Essential Logic: "Fanfare in the Garden" 2 CD retrospective (Kill Rock Stars)
    ESG: "A South Bronx Story" retrospective (Universal Sound)
    LiLiPUT: (formerly Kleenex) self-titled 2 CD complete collection (Kill Rock Stars)
    Lene Lovich: "Stateless" 1978 album reissue (Rhino)
    Maximum Joy: "Unlimited 1979-1983" (Crippled Dick Hot Wax)
    OH-OK: "The Complete Recordings" (Collectors' Choice)
    The Raincoats: self-titled 1979 album reissue (Rough Trade) <--- IS THIS OUT OF PRINT or IMPORT ONLY (FOR AMERICANS)?
    Siouxsie and the Banshees: "The Scream" 1978 2 CD album reissue (Polydor)
    Siouxsie and the Banshees: "Once Upon a Time: The Singles" collection (Ume)
    The Slits: "Cut" 1979 album reissue (Island)
    X-Ray Spex: "Germ-Free Adolescents" 1978 album reissue (Castle)
    Y Pants: 1980 self-titled EP + 1982 "Beat it Down" album reissue (Periodic Document)
    Young Marble Giants: "Colossal Youth and Collected Works" 3CDs containing 1979 album reissue with bonus material (Domino)

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