[TypicalGirls] Bangles/Family Fodder

Douglas Wolk dbcloud at panix.com
Sat Jun 2 20:04:02 EDT 2007

As far as the Bangles go, I'd strongly endorse "All Over the 
Place"--their first full-length, and an absolutely terrific power-pop 
album with touches of the "paisley underground" psychedelic vibe. 
Notable feature: all four of them wrote songs and sang leads (and 
harmonies), although all the hits they're remembered for were sung by 
Susanna Hoffs, and almost all of them were covers. (They were _very_ 
good at picking covers: the two non-originals on "AOtP" are the 
Waves' "Going Down to Liverpool" and the Merry-Go-Round's "Live," 
both excellent and non-obvious choices, and their reunion album a few 
years ago, "Doll Revolution," drew its name from their cover of Elvis 
Costello's late-period "Tear Off Your Own Head.")

I put "James" on a mix CD a few years ago, and half a dozen people 
emailed me to ask "were the Bangles always that awesome?"

Sadly, Family Fodder's "Savoir Faire" is now out of print and not 
coming back, at least not in that form (although Alig's been working 
on compiling a revised best-of).


>Yeah, that list is not complete or representative. I never asserted 
>that was in any way, shape, or form! I just got a very small 
>response to my initial query. So I compiled something just to get 
>people talking!!!! Your response was precisely my goal.
>Sure...that Horses reissue would be great to include! As would X's 
>Los Angeles. Which Bangle's album do you recommend? GIVE ME BLURBS!
>I dunno, I would also say that that Family Fodder "best of" comp 
>is worth including right? And perhaps a Runaways comp (the one I 
>have is garbage quality-wise)? What else is missing -- Talking 
>Heads, Sonic Youth, Ut...?
>This task is not easy which is why I originally opened discussion to 
>the listmembers. I didn't want to represent you because I knew 
>there'd be misgivings at the outset!
>Keep 'em coming.

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