[TypicalGirls] 15 must-haves for the beginning girl rocker (part 3)

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Sat Jun 2 12:46:30 EDT 2007

I'm ambivalent about the Siouxsie dilemma. We need some more people to chime in!

OK, here's the list so far.

Au Pairs:  "Stepping Out of Line" 2 CD anthology (Castle)
Bush Tetras: "Boom in the Night" collection of demos and EPs 1980-83 (ROIR)
Delta 5: "Singles and Sessions 1979-81" (Kill Rock Stars)
Essential Logic: "Fanfare in the Garden" 2 CD retrospective (Kill Rock Stars)
ESG: "A South Bronx Story" retrospective (Universal Sound)
LiLiPUT: (formerly Kleenex) self-titled 2 CD complete collection (Kill Rock Stars)
Lene Lovich: "Stateless" 1978 album reissue (Rhino)
Maximum Joy: "Unlimited 1979-1983" (Crippled Dick Hot Wax)
OH-OK: "The Complete Recordings" (Collectors' Choice)
The Raincoats: self-titled 1979 album reissue (Rough Trade) <--- IS THIS OUT OF PRINT or IMPORT ONLY (FOR AMERICANS)?
Siouxsie and the Banshees: "The Scream" 1978 2 CD album reissue (Polydor) 
Siouxsie and the Banshees: "Once Upon a Time: The Singles" collection (Ume) 
The Slits: "Cut" 1979 album reissue (Island)
X-Ray Spex: "Germ-Free Adolescents" 1978 album reissue (Castle)
Y Pants: 1980 self-titled EP + 1982 "Beat it Down" album reissue (Periodic Document)
Young Marble Giants: "Colossal Youth and Collected Works" 3CDs containing 1979 album reissue with bonus material (Domino)

***Now, I need short blurbs from YOU dear listmembers.***

Here are some examples (from Bobby Moore) to help you get started:

Singles and Sessions- 1979-1981- Delta 5

Hailing from the Leeds art school scene that also produced Gang of Four 
and The Mekons, Delta 5 was a funky, feminist-minded group that 
features more males than females. With two bass players and songs like 
the often-covered "Mind Your Own Business" and "You", Delta 5 stand out 
as one of the best from a scene that featured several female-friendly 
Germ Free Adolescents- Xray Spex

While I think of The Slits as being the best from the punk era, The 
Xray Spex were the first as far as getting media attention and 
releasing a single.

Germ Free Adolescents might be a bit repetitive with its constant theme 
of consumerism, but it is to this day one of the most unique sounding 
albums ever released.
The Raincoats s/t

This one might not be as easy to find as the other albums on this list, 
but if all else fails check the Rough Trade Store online.

If I had to pick a favorite band, it would be The Raincoats. Their 
self-titled debut is a great introduction to a band that was among the 
best, most clever, artsiest, and at times weirdest of the post-punk 

>From a memorable cover of "Lola" to "The Void", which was later covered 
by Hole, this is one of the best "girls that rock" albums you are going 
to find.

Also, I enjoy recommendations that say things like "Here are the records I wish someone recommended to me when I was 13" (from Theresa Meire).

If I have to nominate people, I will! 


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