[TypicalGirls] Lesbians on Ecstasy in Philadelphia

Sara Sherr sarasherr at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 18:28:51 EST 2007

SAT 12/29
9PM $8
1508 South Street

SUGAR TOWN & FUSE PRESENT: A Night of Lady Rockers & DJ's

LESBIANS ON ECSTASY (Alien 8 Recs, Montreal)
The Lezzies On X are a plunder music project, taking inspiration from
the lesbian back catalogue by referencing folk artists and punk bands
alike, re-writing lesbian history for the dance floor. They use the
source material in a musical collage that re-creates a wide spectrum
of musical styles – all within the dance genre. One of their
obsessions has been to develop their own way of playing live dance
music, using an electronic drum kit, bass guitar and an array of
synths. The insistence on such a strong technological presence in
their music serves to highlight the absence of technology in the
majority of lesbian music, which privileges acoustic sound as
authentic lesbian expression.

Their latest work maintains the same concept, but goes deeper into the
lesbian vaults. The new recordings are focused on womyn's music from
the 70s, in both content and style. They are using this as an
opportunity to explore the idealism and optimism present in early
feminist theory and music and examine the ways in which these themes
have disintegrated today.

For anyone not familiar with Bugs in the Dark, they have an "art-punk"
sound that falls somewhere between the Pylon, The B-52s and X. The
band has a male and female guitarist and both sing on some of the
tracks which emphasize the X and B-52s comparisons. On the other
tracks where guitarist/vocalist Karen Rockower takes lead vocals, the
vocal stylings are closer Vanessa Briscoe Hay (Pylon) but the lyrical
content is more comparable to Courtney Love ("Hot Shit, She's too
rich, She has a big mouth, I want to punch it out"). (Brooklyn Rocks)

FUSE DJ'S (As seen at XOXO)
When the untimely departure of girL party left a hole in the city's
social offerings for queer women, resident DJs Kit and Phoenix and a
posse of organizers and artists decided to do something about it.
Their vision was to keep the monthly dance party and performance space
alive as a safe and accessible spot for women, including transgender
women and men, to come together. Fuse was born, bringing the music
back every month starting this Saturday at Sal's—without missing a
beat since girL's last bash in December. Same time, same $5 cover,
same cheap drinks. Fuse organizers plan to feature local spoken-word
and dance artists in the downstairs space while stepping up party
themes and promotions (read: more freebies). So put on your hot shirt,
pocket a fiver and get ready for some pool, because the party's
getting started all over again. (Angelina Conti, Philadelphia Weekly)

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