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Funny, I was just looking at a web site/blog that has
a Pleasure Seekers entry and the amazing and catchy
song "What a Way to Die". I love the lyrics:

Well I love you baby
I’m telling you right here
But please don’t make me decide baby
Between you and a bottle of beer.


I'd love to hear more stories Joly!
- Lani

--- WWWhatsup <joly at dti.net> wrote:

> http://www.furious.com/perfect/suziquatro.html
> It's a good piece.
> It was a really good band. Very strong welsh drummer
> called Keith, who
> had played with the Eyes Of Blue,
> and the guitarist Len Tuckey had been in the
> Nashville Teens.
> I actually roadied for the band practically from
> their inception until
> they hit. Suzi was a lot of fun - irrepressible.
> I will say that she had one of the dirtiest mouths I
> have ever known,
> and used to take delight in leaning out of the
> window and yelling obscenities at the proper English
> passers by.
> Tuckey used to encourage her in this, they got
> along so well they eventually married. They'd sing
> ribald parodies of
> pop hits all the way to the shows (they opened
> for Slade on the Cum'n On and Feel The Noize' tour)
> it was a wonder
> they had anything left for the stage.
> There's something about Detroit which instils a
> peculiar flair for
> showmanship in it's musicians. Not to
> mention a penchant for high energy rock'n'roll. And
> crazy women See
> current acts like Demolition Doll Rods, Sirens,
> Gore Gore Girls.
> I think it's true that if she had broken out in say,
> 76, she'd be a
> punk hero,  but possibly wouldn'y have been
> so successful as the she was in the glam era. I
> suspect Mickie Most
> was getting burned out by then, finger
> no longer on the pulse.
> Suzi's very popular as radio DJ currently in the UK,
> where she often
> hosts retrospectives on other rockers.
> joly
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