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It's a good piece.

It was a really good band. Very strong welsh drummer called Keith, who
had played with the Eyes Of Blue,
and the guitarist Len Tuckey had been in the Nashville Teens.

I actually roadied for the band practically from their inception until
they hit. Suzi was a lot of fun - irrepressible.
I will say that she had one of the dirtiest mouths I have ever known,
and used to take delight in leaning out of the
window and yelling obscenities at the proper English passers by.
Tuckey used to encourage her in this, they got
along so well they eventually married. They'd sing ribald parodies of
pop hits all the way to the shows (they opened
for Slade on the Cum'n On and Feel The Noize' tour) it was a wonder
they had anything left for the stage.

There's something about Detroit which instils a peculiar flair for
showmanship in it's musicians. Not to
mention a penchant for high energy rock'n'roll. And crazy women See
current acts like Demolition Doll Rods, Sirens,
Gore Gore Girls.

I think it's true that if she had broken out in say, 76, she'd be a
punk hero,  but possibly wouldn'y have been
so successful as the she was in the glam era. I suspect Mickie Most
was getting burned out by then, finger
no longer on the pulse.

Suzi's very popular as radio DJ currently in the UK, where she often
hosts retrospectives on other rockers.

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