[TypicalGirls] Dropped

TnA sasscer1 at bellsouth.net
Sat Sep 30 17:09:19 EDT 2006

Whislt channel surfing the digital on demand late of a Saturday aft. I 
ran across a documentary called
'Dropped', new to me, consisting of interviews with bands who had been 
told their services were no longer needed at whichever record company 
they had been signed to.  No one over 20 and no one on this list will 
learn anything remotely new about the industry, and yet I bring it up 
because one of the segments features the Bush Tetras.  For about ten 
minutes, there is an overview of the band, narrated by Ms. Place and 
Ms. Sley in a recent interview, mostly vintage footage, with music 
represented in snippets and excerpts. Nice to see and hear them...at 
one point they mention a bill they were on: themselves, Bad Brains and 
Gang of Four.  Possibly if I had been lucky enough to see that show I 
could have stopped wanting to be a musician and been an accountant, but 
I didn't, so at 47 I still have a desire for slash and burn guitars.  
Over all too soon, and the rest of the film (a rapper-comedian, and 
alt.country.rock type outfit, and whoever made up the final segment) 
were victims of my fast forward, and then my off button.



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