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Helen McCookerybook helen_mccookerybook at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Sep 18 11:51:04 EDT 2006

Hi there,
  The message is from Tessa of the Slits; she was hoping someone might have a recording of the interview I did with them a while back on Resonance. Normally. Resonance FM record all the interviews themselves to pass on to the people concerned, but that day the DAT player was broken and I couldn't make a copy of the interview.
  Because the show also included an interview with Ari that I'd done at an earlier date, all of the new group were represented and they played their favourite tracks.
  For a while there were copies of the interview on the web but I've searched and can not find them any more.
  The band would like a copy possibly to include with a release of some new material.
  I suggested that this forum might be the best way to get hold of one.
  Best wishes
  Helen McCookerybook

Nathalie - Chicks on Speed Records <n at chicksonspeed-records.com> wrote:
          Hello Adele,
  please tell me what she wants. I really don't understand the mail.
  Best regards.
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Can someone help her?

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  hi tessa and adele here slits sisters helen gave us your e mail please could u send us resonance interview including songs we chose to play whole interview inclusive iwould b soooo grateful first time on computer / confused ??/ tessa bass girl slits please contact us asap is there anyone there??//////?/?////?   

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