[TypicalGirls] typical girls bootleg cd vol.2

robin dunn rdunnrn at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 12 16:45:25 EDT 2006

--- Nicole Emmenegger <nicole at jennywoolworth.ch>

> hi, does anyone have a copy of the typical girls
> bootleg cd vol.2 that they
> can burn for me again. I lent my copy out and never
> got it back. that should
> teach me. 

sorry but haven't been on this list long.  what were
the tg bootleg cds?  if anyone has them and would like
to trade something, i have tons o' stuff.

also -- just bought tickets #3 and 4 for the slits in
austin, 11/11.  listening to "cut" by way of
anticipation.  does anyone know who the touring line
up will be?  think i read here mick jones' daughter
had played a gig with them, wondered if she might be
on the tour.


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