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Dina Baby !!

Here's a blurb for ya...

XXX , Nick
>Wednesday, October 11, 2006  at
>                                         CBGB's  315 Bowery, NYC
>                                        ****BAD BRAINS****
>                                              ****UNDERDOG****
>                                      ****STIMULATORS**** (*in a special
>re-union show for CBGB's closing)
>The Stimulators, a formerly well-known underground New York punk/rock band
>(1978-1982) have not played on a bill with the internationally renowned,
>profoundly acclaimed and much-copied Bad Brains since 1981 or 82. This
>special reunion at CBGB's during its farewell days is a not-to-be-missed
>event!  In the distant past these two bands played numerous shows together,
>helping mobilize what was to become a large underground punk community in
>NYC.  The Stimulators classic anthem "Loud Fast Rules!" became a battle cry
>for local punks while their song M.A.C.H.I.N.E. can be acknowledged as one
>of the earliest "hardcore" songs. They were instrumental in introducing the
>Bad Brains, a black punk/rock band from D.C. to the world via the clubs of
>New York and to the large, very young audience the Stimulators had at that
>time. The Stimulators were unique, playing speeded-up punk/pop featuring an
>11-year-old-wunderkind drummer Harley Flanagan (who went on to form the
>Cro-Mags, considered by many throughout the world to be the defining
>metal-core band), and Denise Mercedes, the Stimulators founder and blazing
>guitarist/primary songwriter. Singer Patrick Mack (deceased) somersaulted
>throughout the set and dived in the audience with wildly dancing fans,
>making it necessary for clubs like Max's Kansas City to start removing all
>tables and chairs from the stage area before their shows. Bassist Nick
>Marden, a legend in his own right who played with the band in its heyday,
>will complete the lineup at Wednesday's show and take on the singing. The
>Stims had a legion of underage safety-pinned, ripped-t-shirted fans that
>flocked to every gig the group played, a monumental achievement in the
>pre-internet world of the late 70's/early 80's where only word-of-mouth was
>the coin of the day. This widely noted phenomenon led to the creation of
>the "matinee" at CBGB's, where underage kids who wanted to hear this kind
>of exciting music could legally enter a club and watch the bands.
>Together in those early days, The Stimulators, the Bad Brains, along with
>The Mad, a theatrical punkish/rock group featuring Screaming Mad George,
>were at the forefront, helping keep punk rock alive in NYC during the
>transitional period when the press was dismissing these and other local
>bands of the ilk stating that "Punk was dead." There were few venues to
>play in the still-dangerous Lower East Side of the late 70's-early 80's.
>Limited clubs in town to perform this music included Max's, Irving Plaza,
>basements, & a small pizzeria-turned "Club X" (upon occasion) by impromptu
>punk promoter Johnny Stiff, plus a few other far-flung places.
>Fan-turned-rock writer Jack Rabid helped the budding scene with
>documentation of its activities.
>The introduction and effect the music of the Bad Brains (formed
>1978-present) had on the rising scene at that pivotal time was explosive.
>Their completely original attack on punk/rock hooked listeners from the
>first screaming notes to the thunderous grand finale, with singer H.R.
>vocalizing lyrics at lightening speed while tumbling and doing huge stage
>acrobatics thrilling the awestruck crowds.  The Bad Brains turned
>everything up side down and it hasn't come down since. The Stimulators and
>the Bad Brains are credited with mid-wife-ing the birth of New York
>Hardcore (NYHC), the fast & furious assault on rock music that has taken on
>long-lasting world-wide proportions, with many acclaimed New York bands
>like Cro-Mags, Murphy's Law, Agnostic Front, etc. achieving international
>prominence. The Stimulators left little recorded documentation of their
>presence, but for further information on this band and these specific early
>days of the New York Punk to the New York Hardcore scene, see ROIR (Reach
>Out International Records) liner notes on The Stimulator's 1982 cassette
>format live-album "Loud Fast Rules!" written by Peter Crowley, former
>talent coordinator at Max's Kansas City and Jack Rabid's Big Take Over
>magazine's earliest editions.
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