[TypicalGirls] CBGB's/Hurrah/Danceteria photos

Hilary Jaeger jaema11 at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 29 00:22:47 EST 2006

Those photos are THE BEST!!  I am floored by how good they are--and how spot
on they are in terms of the time period that I can relate to.  So, in that
sense--I am especially thrilled to see them--so thanks, and thanks again.
Coupla hi-lites: photo of Jim Fouratt introducing X; Gang of Four at Oiving
Plaza--- Wire, PolyRock,
X-cessive (then in Nitecaps) at Trax, no less (forgot about Trax for a
mo')--and the Blessed--anyone out there remember the Blessed??? Delta 5,
XTC, Student Teachers, and how come I don't remember how freakin' cool Model
Citizens looked??  I could certainly go on----I'm gonna forward them to my
sister, as we were partners in crime during much of those days...
And, in addition, I am ecstatic to see a photo shot at Tier 3 (Bauhaus).
Many of the other bands played there--and I am naturally grateful to see any
record of that at all.

Good, good stuff.

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