[TypicalGirls] CBGB's/Hurrah/Danceteria photos

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These are truly wonderful photos.  Despite moving to the NW in '76, I saw
(and played shows with) several of these bands either around here or on
trips backs home to the Jersey area, and wow these photos bring back some
vivid memories. I can still hear the ringing in my ears.  My good friend
Dreux played bass in one of the forgotten bands of that era, TV Toy.  He'll
be tickled that there's a photo included of them onstage at Maxwell's.
Anybody else remember them?  They were serious young men indeed, and as such
hardly belong on this list, but they were there, and now there's proof.

Thanks for sharing.  There's been a lot of fun stuff to look at and listen
to lately.

Much appreciated!


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Some great pictures here:



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