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Oliver C omcorner at dsl.pipex.com
Fri Nov 24 07:22:43 EST 2006

They're great. I recommend the album!


On 24 Nov 2006, at 12:14, Alex Milopoulos wrote:

> Hi everyone
> Not sure if this band has already been mentioned on this list but I 
> saw them on the Rough Trade website and thought they would be of 
> interest to some of you.
> CSS "cansei de ser sexy"
> from sao paulo, brazil comes css (5 women and one man), the first 
> south american band sub pop has foisted upon the global marketplace. 
> 'cansei de ser sexy', portuguese for tired of being sexy, is 
> improbably, unbelievably and nearly eponymously their debut. it is a 
> thick, pulsating thing full of haphazard synths ('alala') and a 
> come-on of call and response that tears down any attempt at posturing 
> ('art bitch', 'patins'). it's a sexy mix of esg, the early rough 
> trade label releases, bush tetras, kraftwerk, peaches, 99 records and 
> the breeders. it's  energetic, has buckets of attitude and sits heads 
> and shoulders above the competition.
> Alex
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