[TypicalGirls] up is up but so is down

Mairead Case mairead.case at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 22:24:40 EST 2006

hi ---

this is a bit off-topic, so please forgive if you smell spam.

that said, i'm reviewing stosuy's _up is up but so is down_ -- it's a
500-page full-colour anthology of the ny downtown literary scene,
1974-1992. it's a really awesome thing to read on the el, because you
can take an extra long time on the parts about cookie mueller dancing
"like an eel in heat" and the creeps stop ogling.

i can talk about the books signifigance to the moon and back, but i
was born in '83, so it's all based on things i've read, not lived.
          but many of you did, so i wanted to ask if anyone has read
it. what did you think? is it accurately framed? who's missing? and
why the crap didn't my parents meet earlier so i could see aluminum
nights at the kitchen?

feel free to email me off-list.

ps. http://www.nyupress.org/books/Up_Is_Up_But_So_Is_Down-products_id-4834.html

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