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KAT TRACKS! Kat Bjelland returns to the studio to record Katastrophy Wife single for new Australian label, RiSH Records.

The former leader of Babes In Toyland, Kat Bjelland returns to the studio this week (17 November). Her band, Katastrophy Wife is to record a single Heart-On (a new Bjelland composition) exclusively for Australian indie label RiSH Records. The single will be released early in 2007 when the label launches down under with Bjelland at the front of its roster. Heart-On is the first release for Katastrophy Wife since 2004s All Kneel. "It's a metal-valve replacement tune on open-heart surgery gone-wrong, sex song," Bjelland said of the single. "It's about love."

It will be available worldwide via iTunes download, 7" vinyl and a strictly limited embossed digi-pack CD (which will come with a free Katastrophy Wife poster and vinyl sticker).

Kat Bjelland: "Last time I played Australia was with Babes in Toyland. One thing that I remember is how weird it was to see people walking around outside using phones but that was ten years ago. I also recall how the locals seemed to have a healthy infectous affection for various party accoutrements.Their inspiring ability to push everything to do with rock and roll into the red I have alot of respect for. The best live crowds ever. I look forward to playing there again soon."

RiSH's confirmed roster is Katastrophy Wife (US) and Sydney four-piece Euphonic, with Sydneysiders Bright Red launching a digital singles club for Australian artists. The new label's roster will stay small in the first 12 months, with the label focusing its attention on artwork, packaging and formats.

RiSH Records is owned by Brian McDonald, currently Operations and A&R at Chatterbox Records, McDonald will carry on in his role.


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