[TypicalGirls] Don't miss the Slits if they come to your town!

Chad Kappeler ckappeler at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 14 23:08:24 EST 2006

I saw them in Atlanta on the 8th and they were
spectacular! It was worth every minute of the 9 hour
drive to get to their show. Their was lots of ass
shaking and even a bit of pogoing. Ari & Tess had
absolutely no problems with giving out autographs,
they both graciously signed my "Earthbeat" 45. Good
fun was had by all and I'm pretty sure I've developed
a crush on their beautiful guitarist Adele. She
absolutely turned my world on with her smile. She took
a nothing day, and suddenly made it all seem
worthwhile. Above and beyond that... catch them if and
when you can. They're on tour throughout the U.S.
through the end of November. Check it out...
http://theslits.co.uk/gigs.html. Their opening act,
the Apes were really good too! Kind of like something
in between the Units and Big Black. 
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