[TypicalGirls] The Slits question

HunnyPi007 at aol.com HunnyPi007 at aol.com
Tue Nov 14 02:58:45 EST 2006

yes, holly's sweetness really comes across onstage, and she seems to work 
quite well with our wild and crazy ari.   she seems to be quite young.   anyone 
know how old she is and what else she's done or is doing musicially?

been too busy for post-slits-show commentary but i'll try to get some in as 
soon as i can.


In a message dated 11/13/06 5:52:34 PM, rdunnrn at yahoo.com writes:

> seemed sweet.  she looks a lot like her dad -- but
> much cuter!
> --- Robert Adolphus Moore <rmoore7 at my.westga.edu>
> wrote:
> > Paul Cook's daughter is actually named Holly. She is
> > a backup singer
> > (and a very sweet girl).

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