[TypicalGirls] rough trade or stiff, or, if the past is the present, what's the future??

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Sun Nov 12 15:41:47 EST 2006

Scritti Politti are playing in Boston tonight, but a friend convinced me
to go see Wreckless Eric playing in someone's livingroom in Somerville(!).
There's been another livingroom show added tomorrow night with Amy Rigby.
If anyone's interested I can get you more info.
- Lani

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> all those early rough trade releases definitely
> reverted to the artists...or to whatever company
> bought them. I spent a lot of time hunting stuff down
> in an effort to put out a cool expanded CD of Wanna
> Buy A Bridge, as I mentioned here previously. I
> should've stuck to my rule of not talking up potential
> projects because it looks like we may not be able to
> go through with it. 2 of the songs are owned by major
> labels who are expensive to deal with, while 1 song,
> We Are All Prostitutes, has been absolutely denied for
> licensing. And dealing with a compilation where you
> have to split royalties so many ways, especially with
> the "best rate" as defined by the major labels, it all
> comes out to us losing a great deal of money.
> On the flipside, we are working on a series of digital
> only releases, and I plan to stop releasing CDs
> alltogether in the near future. It's a whole debate,
> but I can assure you as someone who is a total vinyl
> fetishist, someone who completely adores record
> packaging artwork, I'm the last person who'd say it's
> time to kill the physical manufacturing of musical
> media, however after thinking long and hard, I think
> it's the smart way to go and it's the future.
> Personally, I buy the occasional CD, rip it into my
> computer, listen to it on my computer, stream it to my
> stereo via a Squeezebox, and listen on my iPod. More
> and more young people are only experiencing music
> digitally, online sales are increasing
> exponentially...there's an exciting future in all
> this, perhaps. Anthology Recordings in NY
> http://www.anthologyrecordings.com/ has become the
> first digital ONLY reissue label and well, I plan on
> following in those footsteps but in a completely
> different manner. You'll have to wait a few months to
> see what I mean though.
> As far as the research I did regarding Wanna Buy a
> Bridge, I'll be contacting everyone this week to let
> them know, and with several of the artists, maybe
> hoping to work something else out, as of course I
> agree, there's still so much wonderful music to make
> available.
> And speaking of Scritti Politti, I hadn't heard the
> new album, and missed their show friday night in NY
> because I'm just that lazy these days, didn't even
> catch the Slits. Then saturday got an email that they
> were performing for free at a record store in
> Williamsburg, and since my girlfriend and I were
> planning on driving down there late afternoon for some
> shopping and dinner, I figured why not stop by. The
> little cafe they performed at was packed, Green was
> charming and funny, and they sounded wonderful. Only
> stuck around for a bit but picked up the new CD on the
> way out and have enjoyed it in the car this morning. I
> feel like he's reached some sort of Robert Wyatt level
> of diy art-pop music. Really wonderful stuff, and to
> think we saw the show in such a space, I always love
> that. 
> -dan selzer
> acute records
> nyhappenings
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