[TypicalGirls] 4. Re: Rough Trade launch digital store (mike at appelstein.com)

shirley.o'loughlin shirley.o'loughlin at virgin.net
Sun Nov 12 12:47:10 EST 2006

Rough Trade Digital
I don¹t know about other original RT artists but we have made all four
albums by The Raincoats available via the digital store which launches next
Tuesday 14th November.

The Rough Trade Digital Store is being managed by Pete Donne at the Rough
Trade Shop, which has been separate from the Rough Trade Records label since

The early Rough Trade Records catalogue Mike refers to doesn¹t actually
exist as such any more as the original recording contracts were all for 3 to
5 years so it¹s down to the artists to make their work available through
channels such as this.
I¹m sure Pete and Jude at the RT Shop would love to be able to make as much
of this original material as possible available.


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