[TypicalGirls] slits in austin

robin dunn rdunnrn at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 12 11:00:02 EST 2006

after a few hours sleep and at work now, just wanted
to report that the slits were great in austin last
night.  i went with some trepidation after reading the
mix of reviews posted here -- and came down firmly on
the side of the satisfied.  ari was fun, just great. 
tessa and anna did a great job keeping the beat
together (don't know who anna is or where she comes
from, but she's a great drummer).  not too many issues
with sound, and ari's requests of the soundman were
never hectoring.  

one question -- which one is paul cook's daugher,

i asked about the live cd from the tour someone
mentioned here, but the girl at the mech booth knew
nothing of it.  a recording of this tour would be
worth having.  the show was filmed; perhaps a video is
in the works?

now if only we could have a raincoats tour...


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