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Captain Sensible blogs about Dolly Mixture on his myspace today


>Hi, I'm new to the list and I've just been reading a thread about the group Dolly Mixture.   I'm not sure how to respond to a particular thread and so I'm just emailing in to see if this reaches the list!
>I used to share a house with Hester Smith in the early 1990's and Rachel would occasionally come over to the house as they were talking about the possibility of re-releasing some of their old stuff.  I'm not sure whether it ever got re-released or not (it was meant to be on CD), does anyone know if it was ever released?  I moved out of the house and more or less lost touch with Hester after that, apart from the occasional meeting in the middle of the street.  She was doing a dance degree when we shared the house.   Does anyone know what she might be doing now?

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