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Just for info, this time were playing in Australia as melissa, myself  
and Kathi Glas,
we've been into this rotation thing for a while now, if you weren't  
familiar, and now the group has also grown
to collective of around six members, including New York artist A.L.  
Steiner, Anat Ben david from
tel Aviv (also about to release her first album on COS Recs early  
next year, watch out,
she's like Nina hagen, Alaska and Siouxsie sioux but going 10000  
times as fast!

To add, Kathi has been in the group making clothes with us since  
around 2001, so it was a natual progression
that she started to come on stage with us!

I see the Australia dates haven't been listed- the line up is COS,  
PTR and Batrider from Australia
24th Brisbane the Zoo
25th  Sydney (i don't know where, the venue keeps changing!)
26th Melbourne Prince of Wales

and speaking of Girl Monster events, Kids on Tv and Angie Reed are also
touring in Canada quite soon, so check out KOTV for exact dates when  
happen. More Girl Monster events will follow, always with different  
headliners and acts.
and Girl Monster volume 2 is underway, if anyone has any acts they  
would like to suggest,
please let me know, we're totally open to everyone, eventhough we  
have limitations to how many acts
are actually included due to formats, we do try and put everyone on.  
(this time it will probably just be one cd)


On Nov 6, 2006, at 4:18 PM, WWWhatsup wrote:

> http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/CU0611/S00052.htm
> Chicks on Speed
> Monday, 6 November 2006, 11:37 am
> Press Release: Mysterygirl
> 6 November 2006
> Mysterygirl, Cheese on Toast, Double A /Triple X and 95bFM present the
> 2006 Girl Monster event featuring;
> COS are an all female electropop group which got its origins in  
> Munich,
> formed in 1997 after the members had met through the Academy of Fine
> Arts, Munich. Chicks on Speed's core members consist of Australian  
> Alex
> Murray-Leslie, American Melissa Logan and German Kiki Moorse.
> Though usually considered part of such musical genres as electroclash,
> actually Chicks on Speed started as a multidisciplinary art group, who
> applied punk-inspired DIY ethic to performance art, collage graphics
> and home-made fashion (they have created their own stage costumes with
> cheap and recycled material such as plastic bags and gaffa tape, for
> example).
> There have been a lot of emotional feelings towards Chicks On Speed in
> various places around the world. At one point they were an opening act
> for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and James Brown. However, almost every
> night they were booed and had bottles thrown at them by the audience.
> At a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Hyde Park, London in June  
> 2004, a
> bottle hit Alex Murray-Leslie who then left the stage. The Chicks on
> Speed were on stage for approximately 10 minutes.
> Most recently (June 2006) Chicks On Speed were part of PopRally at  
> MoMA
> (New York) alongside Scottish Artist Douglas Gordon, famous for his
> video installation Ò24 Hour Psycho (1993)Ó whom also performed as part
> of the group.
> Radio hits by the group include; ÔEuro Trash GirlÕ feat MŠuse, ÔWe
> Don't Play GuitarsÕ feat Peaches, ÔWordy RappinghoodÕ feat Le Tigre (a
> Tom Tom Club Cover) and recently ÔPlastic SurgeryÕ (a tribute to 70Õs
> UK all girl punk band The Slits)
> Janine Rostron, aka Planningtorock will visit New Zealand direct from
> touring in the US with Peaches, and Europe/USA with The Knife,
> originally from England she moved to Berlin and ran into Peaches and
> Chicks On Speed and along the way has produced a video installation
> inject of music and mayhem and performances at the Tate Modern  
> (London)
> and MoMa (New York) Become a part of the alienation.
> Hot, Hot, Hot! Sparks fly as WellingtonÕs Charlie ASH high on energy,
> perform with great gusto their catchy ass tunes. They call themselves
> Neo-Punk and have a corker of a live show, combining sword, sweat,
> costume and volume.
> ÒTheir performances are such a high-octane spectacle that Chicks On
> Speed would be impressed.Ó - Pavement
> New Zealand Dates:
> Wellington Ð Wednesday 22 November - San Francisco Bath house
> Auckland Ð Thursday 23 November Ð The Kings Arms Tavern
> Tickets on sale from Real Groovy stores, venues and Fast & Loose (ak
> only)
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