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HunnyPi007 at aol.com HunnyPi007 at aol.com
Sun Nov 5 03:07:57 EST 2006

well......FUCK! ... guess todd couldn't post info on the door regarding the 
mid-gig venue change so as not to alert the cops, but i certainly wish the guy 
who called down to me had the correct address!   wandering around late at 
night being followed by at least three guys in cars basically circling me is not 
my idea of fun-fun-fun, especially with thoughts that there must be a slits gig 
happening somewhere closeby,..but where? curious as to the exact address of 
The Syrup Room, joly.   glad for, at least, your report and, of course, look 
forward to seeing your video documentation sometime hopefully soon... but... 

In a message dated 11/4/06 11:39:27 AM, joly at dti.net writes:

> The show last night in Brooklyn was a lot of fun.
> As you know it was moved to a new venue at the last minute. Well, as it 
> turned out,
> the cops busted that venue so, at midnight it moved again, 5 blocks away, to 
> The
> Syrup room, where another show was already under way. 

In a message dated 11/4/06 11:00:08 AM, danselzer at yahoo.com writes:

> don't know about last night, but in todd's defense
> he's handled such venue changes well in the past...I
> remember one show that was supposed to be at this
> firehouse downtown but it had to be moved last minute
> a few blocks away, so Todd printed up 100 little maps
> and taped them to the firehouse doors, so when you got
> there there were notes w/ maps for you to follow to
> the new location.
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