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The show last night in Brooklyn was a lot of fun.

As you know it was moved to a new venue at the last minute. Well, as it turned out,
the cops busted that venue so, at midnight it moved again, 5 blocks away, to The
Syrup room, where another show was already under way. The fairly sizable piece
of warehouse space was, as a result packed. The Slits had to wait until that show's
headliner, WZT Hearts, an improvisational noise band from Baltimore, played. Fortunately
they only did a 15 minute set. Ari, in contrast to the splatter dayglo of earlier shows,
was dressed up in pink, an entirely jetsons meet dancehall outfit. I asked the sound guy
if he knew The Slits. Never heard of them. During the sound check, he kept referring to Ari
as 'pretty lady'. Equipment was hastily cobbled together, and Anna had to deal with a 
somewhat unconventional drumkit. Nevertheless everything went well and there were 
no sound problems.Except for when Vivien Goldman got up during 'Revolution'
and Ari pulled up the song to get Viv's mike set.  Once that was done Vivien sang 
really well. She and Ari always are very good together. The crowd, which, the show being all ages,
was jammed with young girls, including some of her NYU students, went nuts.
As far as criticism goes, the 'rehearsal' song 'Hated By Many, Loved By A Few'
addresses that squarely. But on this night the reverse was definitely the case.
and even after the band played their full 90 minute set, the crowd stil ldidn't want to let them
go. Many of the young girl contingent stuck around as eventually, after a bunch of
rappers did their thing, around 3am, Erase Errata got up and played their usual blinder.

Not a single journalist in the house, I'd wager.

Vivien did tell me that one of her students, Moses, has been giving her computer 
lessons, and has taught her how to use garageband, and, having finished her Bob
Marley book, she's thinking of making a new record.

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