[TypicalGirls] new live slits cd!

Daniel Selzer danselzer at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 4 01:07:10 EST 2006

--- HunnyPi007 at aol.com wrote:

> no time for a report on wednesday's show (i'll do
> that later) as i'm off to 
> the newly-relocated brooklyn show (108 STARR ST @
> Knickerbocker Ave....see 
> dan's post for more details) which will hopefully
> include a great sound person and 
> no equipment problems!

oh man that's good stuff! I hate to say it because I
love Todd and have worked with him many times, we even
came close to the idea of opening a club/space
together, but if there's one thing he can be dependent
on it's a pretty ad-hoc sound situation, where he is
often the sound guy and the PA is what is available.
I'm not knocking that, sometimes that's just what's
needed, but after many years of underground type shows
in the area from the likes of Todd, Mighty
Robot/Twisted Ones etc, you long for someone to marry
the DIY take on things with the hi-fi snob type sound
quality. Anyway, hope the show went well, hit the WFMU
record fair the home rather early as that's how I live
these days.

Got a sealed copy of the Jeff and Jane Hudson World
Trade EP for 15 dollars. Saw some cheap Mo-Dettes
singles and a Girls at Our Best. Always worth checking
out the WFMU fair.


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