[TypicalGirls] Slits

Martin Percival martinpercival at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 3 21:09:03 EST 2006

Good point! I thought the balance of material was
great and the band got it spot on. Enough "Cut" era
faves to keep the old tossers like me happy, some
great new Slits stuff, some material from the early
80s era (Man Next Door etc) and some of Ari's Dance
Hall stuff too. Ari and Tessa were having fun and so
were the new members, although Adele did look a little
serious (nervous?) at times.

I'll reveal now that I had deliberately not seen any
of the London shows as I just feared "this could be
horrible...." and I didn't want my positive memories
spoiling but when it turned out I had to be in Boston
on business the day they were playing there it was
just not right to not see them. I went with my friend
Betsy (Joly - you may remember her as Betsy Badge - a
major Better Badges customer from Boston in the early
80s, she often used to travel to London and pick up
stuff in Portobello) and we were both well impressed
by what we saw. Sure the sound was a little ramshackle
at times, but not enough to cause the whole spectacle
to suffer.

I enjoyed the Apes too who seem to be supporting for
the early dates of the US tour. The combination of
bands on the night and their very varied sounds took
me back to the Fuck Off records era and the Acklam
Hall c.1980! 012, Brian Brain....where are they now?

Here's the horrible Boston Phoenix review complete
with a great ripost:


Wish I'd seen the Maxwells show......great venue and
I'm sure the band were totally in their element there.


> >...but all in all, reviewer seemed put out by the
lack of older Slits 
>material and abundance of dancehall/dub...maybe
that's his fault for not 
>knowing what to expect.

Sheesh. Guess he never saw them in 1980. What was he
expecting, the 

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