[TypicalGirls] TypicalGirls Digest, Vol 124, Issue 7

TnA sasscer1 at bellsouth.net
Fri Nov 3 21:03:46 EST 2006

> Haven't seen the show (yet) but would like to add 2 cents' worth:  I 
> wish you wouldn't say its a racial divide. I love dub, and have since 
> the 70's, but have never been a dancehall fan...too hyper and not 
> reflective enough for me...certainly not a racial thing, 
> however...(maybe dancehall is too coke for my ganja sensibilities, or 
> too 1980's...It may also have something to do with not using live 
> bands as much...)
I love Bad Brains, Fela, Japanoise, modern electronica, Brazillian sex 
music, No Wave, John Coletrane, etc. etc, and was an original Slits fan 
from back in the day-even was excited about Return of the Giant Slits 
Afro-funk leanings, but dancehall just doesn't do it for me...but I 
will defend to the death your right to like it... :)
As far a venues go, the Slits came out of the rock milieu and would 
likely attract as many, if not more, rock fans than, say, hardcore 
dancehall fans...


> From: "Lani Smith"S I
> think it's a real division between dancehall/dub and punk/rock. 
> Seriously,
> what's a real Slits fan to expect!!? Dare I say it's a racial divide?? 
> This
> begs the question of venues, and how much they play music, or draw 
> audiences
> that "cross over". I also wonder why people resist, after all these 
> years
> the seamless (in my mind) and beautiful blend of musical styles.

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