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Fri Nov 3 20:54:19 EST 2006

no time for a report on wednesday's show (i'll do that later) as i'm off to 
the newly-relocated brooklyn show (108 STARR ST @ Knickerbocker Ave....see 
dan's post for more details) which will hopefully include a great sound person and 
no equipment problems! ... just wanted to give all those who are in areas 
where the slits aren't playing—as well all the slits completists here—info about 
a cool live cd that's being sold at the shows here in nyc.   it's called 
"live at monsterland studio in brooklyn, 10/29/06" and was recorded entirely live 
and mixed and mastered this past sunday(!) by dan goddard, who was a surprise 
late addition to their line-up on keyboard (he's playing all their nyc shows). 
  this cd has the entire set that they've been playing, including a song they 
are still working on ("hated"), and can be obtained from dan (while they 
last!) by writing him at booking at monsterlandstudio.com.   they were being sold at 
the shows for $12.   i'll try to get info tonight regarding how many of these 
were pressed.

typical love,
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