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Fri Nov 3 16:08:19 EST 2006

hello all -
after an unitentional hiatus, i'm back on the typical girls list, thanks to
lurking on the girlgroup list!
chiming in here to reinterate about their show i saw in berlin in may. same
problems. at first, yeah, i thought maybe since there had not been many
shows yet with the original lineup (plus those from ari's crew) it took a
little getting used to.
but almost every show, complaining about sound? hmmm - one has to wonder how
much of it is incapable sound people and how much is the band - and
since then, the guy who signed up to manage them in europe called it quits.
in other words, there's no doubt that ari has her, um, eccentricities.

speaking of women who had their heyday whilst teenagers fronting their own
reggae-tinged bands, i saw bowowow the other night. was kinda blown away by
how good they were. all the musicians were tight, and annabella looked and
sounded great (dressed as a marie antionette knockoff, well... they were
there to help promote the movie whose soundtrack they are on). it was clear
that they were not just a band trying to relive its past. i had to leave
before the hit(s), tho...

Good to be back,

On 11/3/06, maria tessa sciarrino <maria at plainparade.org> wrote:
> There's a difference between having sound problems and being totally
> insane to the sound person, which was the problem with Ari a few years
> ago when she played a show that Sara & I booked.
> -m.
> Lani Smith wrote:
> > Thanks for pointing out the Boston Phoenix article, looking forward to
> > reading it. Interesting to hear, at least from Jason's mention of the
> > Voice review that Ari complained about the sound, since it sounds like
> > there's been sound problems at each stop on the tour so far. She SHOULD
> > "complain"!! It may not sound important to get the bird sounds right,
> > but YES, IT IS! I liked the way she vocalized the dub feedback sounds
> > rather than relying on feeback, imagine if she had to rely on the sound
> > system for that too!
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