[TypicalGirls] Boston Slits show/Mo-dettes/Thank you.../Nightingales

maria tessa sciarrino maria at plainparade.org
Fri Nov 3 15:49:57 EST 2006

There's a difference between having sound problems and being totally 
insane to the sound person, which was the problem with Ari a few years 
ago when she played a show that Sara & I booked.


Lani Smith wrote:
> Thanks for pointing out the Boston Phoenix article, looking forward to 
> reading it. Interesting to hear, at least from Jason's mention of the 
> Voice review that Ari complained about the sound, since it sounds like 
> there's been sound problems at each stop on the tour so far. She SHOULD 
> "complain"!! It may not sound important to get the bird sounds right, 
> but YES, IT IS! I liked the way she vocalized the dub feedback sounds 
> rather than relying on feeback, imagine if she had to rely on the sound 
> system for that too!

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