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Thanks for pointing out the Boston Phoenix article, looking forward to 
reading it. Interesting to hear, at least from Jason's mention of the Voice 
review that Ari complained about the sound, since it sounds like there's 
been sound problems at each stop on the tour so far. She SHOULD "complain"!! 
It may not sound important to get the bird sounds right, but YES, IT IS! I 
liked the way she vocalized the dub feedback sounds rather than relying on 
feeback, imagine if she had to rely on the sound system for that too!
As I mentioned, a friend with similar taste really didn't like the show. I 
think it's a real division between dancehall/dub and punk/rock. Seriously, 
what's a real Slits fan to expect!!? Dare I say it's a racial divide?? This 
begs the question of venues, and how much they play music, or draw audiences 
that "cross over". I also wonder why people resist, after all these years 
the seamless (in my mind) and beautiful blend of musical styles.
Tonights show in Brooklyn looks like it'll be amazing. I want a full 
- Lani
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Didn't go to the Slits show at Great Scott, but the review in the Boston 
Phoenix was brutal...mentions some of the things Lani said...but all in all, 
reviewer seemed put out by the lack of older Slits material and abundance of 
dancehall/dub...maybe that's his fault for not knowing what to expect.  
Lani, what do you think? 

Has Mo-dettes' The Story So Far... ever made it to CD?  I have heard a 
version and it doesn't sound like it was taken from the vinyl...maybe it 
needed some remastering, but it was very clean.

Thank you Shirley for the YouTube Monks/Raincoats clip. 

Y'all should check out Gina Birch's duet with Robert Lloyd on the new 
Nightingales CD Out Of True...which now has US phsyical distro through Darla 
and is on all the digital networks (iTunes, etc.).  Trying to help them with 
a national mini tour in 2007, or just book a local show.  Anyone with any 
solid help on a national booker, please send me an e-mail.  I have my leads, 
but always need new perspectives... 
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