[TypicalGirls] Boston Slits show/Mo-dettes/Thank you.../Nightingales

Aileen Brophy abrophy at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 15:29:10 EST 2006

> reviewer seemed put out by the lack of older Slits material and abundance of
> dancehall/dub...maybe that's his fault for not knowing what to expect.

I actually wanted more *new* material!  I liked Ari's solo record a
lot and it would be nice to hear more stuff from the new Slits that
would show them as a living, breathing enterprise and not just an
exercise in nostalgia.  I think I like her solo show better where
she's just doing her thing and letting the music speak for itself,
rather than constantly talking about the Slits in the third person and
pontificating about their historical importance, and feeling it
necessary to announce parts of each song (e.g. "here comes the punky
part," or "this is a real reggae part").  Just let the music speak for

That said, it was a very entertaining and unique show- but what the
hell was up with that hardcore band who opened for them shuffling on
stage with their girlfriends during "Kill Them With Love" and just
standing there awkwardly holding drinks?  Ari seemed a little
surprised too...

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