[TypicalGirls] Slits shows

WWWhatsup joly at dti.net
Thu Nov 2 10:17:13 EST 2006

Annette, I've printed your msg out to take to ari at
the show tonight. She's not too computer-friendly
although she has heard of email, just :)

What bands were you in?


>Wow, wish I could see Ari and gang again . . . Ari, don't know if you  
>remember me, but I knew you from the Roxy in 1977 . . . I was the  
>American girl (tall, black hair) you were always so kind to . . . I  
>still have wonderful photos of you (besides the my photos on the Roxy  
>album) that you should see some day . . . i would come find you if I  
>could, but I'm homebound at the moment. I raise Chihuahuas now (!)  
>and you can visit me at HJKhappytails.homestead.com
>Hope my friends on this site don't mind my reference to my (hopefully  
>entertaining) Chihuahua site. I was a drummer in a coupla punk bands,  
>so maybe you won't mind me taking up space!
>Ari . . . intend to catch up with you one day . . .
>HappyJoy Chihuahuas

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