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Lizzie Ehrenhalt dancingvioletsnail at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 1 21:08:06 EST 2006

Hey Typical Girls!  I'm writing a history of the Experience Music Project's riot grrrl collection for my grad program at the University of Michigan.  I've been working with EMP curator Jacob McMurray to map out how the collection came together, but I also want to get feedback from its users and donors. Please e-mail me off list if you
  1.  worked with Jacob (I know he had help!) to design and/or plan the exhibit;
  2.  donated zines/fliers/records to EMP for the riot grrrl collection or were interviewed;

  3.  have ever used the collection's web site, (http://www.emplive.org/exhibits/index.asp?categoryID=129&ccID=135);
  4.  were involved with/have written about/care about riot grrrl and how it is represented in the media.
  Thanks so much! 


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