[TypicalGirls] Slits shows

Lani Smith LSmith at minlib.net
Wed Nov 1 15:28:48 EST 2006

The NY shows sound like they're going to be great. Can't wait to hear 

An odd moment at the Boston show was when Ari asked the guitar player to do 
something and she declined, without even looking at Ari. Ari persisted, in a 
sort of "c'mon", fun-style cajoling way, and the guitarist wasn't even 
acknowledging her or responding. Anyone know what that was all about??

Also, word was they weren't allowed into Canada, someone told me cause Ari 
"had something on her". Is any of that true?

Aside from that everyone sounded great. Great instrumentalizations and 
vocals. Ari really kept things rolling, in a loose kind of way, and Holly's 
vocals really added strength and polish to the whole thing.
- Lani

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> I agree with Martin. Saw 'em in Philly two days later and was
> pleasantly 
> surprised (since I booked a disastrous Ari Up show in Philly way back
> in 
> 2001). The band was fantastic and was psyched to hear "Man Next Door." 
> Ari was loopy but in a good way. She was asking everyone to make jungle
> noises.
> Always fuss n fight,
> Sara
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