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Chicks rock out on "Girl Monster" boxed set

By Todd Martens Mon Oct 30, 6:30 AM ET

LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - It remains to be seen whether the phrase
"girl monster" will catch on as a description for a female-driven
musical movement. Yet the designation does make for an impressive,
three-disc, 60-track set from Chicks on Speed Records.

"Girl Monster" draws a line from Le Tigre to Bjork to Peaches,
capturing more than three hours of electro-rockers and experimental
female artists. The independently distributed "Girl Monster," arriving
just in time for the holidays, is a nice alternative for a musically
adventurous fan.

Much of the music on the album's three discs was previously unavailable
or hard to find. Recognizable acts, including Siouxsie Sioux, punk
rockers the Slits and post-punk act the Raincoats, are placed alongside
unknown newcomers like Canadian electro act Kids on TV.

"We could have brought out the most well-known tracks from all the
artists, but that's really obvious," says Alex Murray-Leslie, who
compiled the set. "It was about creating something fresh, rather than
just rehashing something. It would have been too easy to just put
together a best-of."

Chicks on Speed Records, which is distributed in the United States by
Caroline, has manufactured 10,000 copies of the set. It will be
available in the States October 31. For those who need it now, it can
be purchased for 19.90 euros (about $25) from


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