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Look! Another member of TG on myspace -- and its Helen (note the different last names) from the Chefs!

Maybe we should continue the TG vibe on myspace? Feel free to "add" me but be sure to mention TG somewhere! I've gotten a few people already which is cool. http://www.myspace.com/rugalach

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Hi Dina,

I forgot to say- my chapters are written under my professional name, Dr Helen Reddington!
Best wishes

Helen McCookerybook
(musical name!)

Dina Hornreich <dina8 at cox.net> wrote:
  Helen McCookerybook signed my website's guestbook after I expressed 
  enthusiasm for her work and forthcoming book on "The Lost Women of Rock" -- 
  and I invited her to join TG. Here is what she said:

  "Looks very interesting! Will have an explore and thank you for contacting 
  me. I have already published some chapters on my original research in 
  academic books, Music, Power, & Politics and The Post Subcultures Reader :)"

  Anyone familiar with these 2 books? (I checked on Amazon.com and they seem 
  pretty rare/expensive)

  Dina Hornreich

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