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A search for the book on Worldcat (an online/database listing of over 9,000 
libraries) shows "The Post-Subcultures Reader" (au. David Muggleton;  Rupert 
Weinzierl) available at a lot of academic libraries. You may be able to 
request it through your local library. 

Here's a list of the table of contents:
What is 'post-subcultural studies' anyway? / Rupert Weinzierl and David 
Muggleton -- Tastefully renovating subcultural theory : making space for a 
new model / Geoff Stahl -- Image, body and performativity : the constitution 
of subcultural practice in the globalized world of pop / Gabriele Klein -- 
'Oh bondage, up yours!' Or here's three chords, now form a band : punk, 
masochism, skin, anaclisis, defacement / David Bloustien -- Post-rave 
technotribalism and the carnival of protest / Graham St John -- Bridging the 
micro-macro gap : is there such a thing as a post-subcultural politics? / 
Oliver Marchart -- Unlearning to raver : techno-party as the contact zone in 
trans-local formations / Toshiya Ueno -- Constructing 'neo-tribal' 
identities through dress : modern primitives and body modifications / 
Theresa M. Winge -- Between criminal and political deviance : a sociological 
analysis of the New York chapter of the Almighty Latin King and Queen nation 
/ Louis Kontos -- Radical hybridity : Latinas/os as the paradigmatic 
transnational post-subculture / Angharad N. Valdivia -- 'Race' and class in 
the 'post-subcultural' economy / Martina Böse -- Diaspora experience, music 
and hybrid cultures of young migrants in Vienna / Roman Horak -- Global 
youth cultures in localized spaces : the case of the UK new Asian dance 
music and French rap / Rupa Huq -- Heavy metal and subcultural theory : a 
paradigmatic case of neglect? / Andy R. Brown -- The death and life of punk, 
the last subculture / Dylan Clark -- 'Lady' punks in bands : a 
subculturette? / Helen Reddington -- Resisting subjects : DIY feminism and 
the politics of style in subcultural production / Doreen Piano -- The 
'X-files', online fan culture, and the real David Duchovny estrogen brigades 
/ Rhiannon Bury -- 'Net.Goth' : Internet communication and (sub)cultural 
boundaries / Paul Hodkinson -- Internet subcultures and oppositional 
politics / Richard Kahn and Douglas Kellner.
Simlarly for "Music, Power & Politics," with Randall, Annie Janeiro. listed 
as author.
A censorship of forgetting : origins and origin myths of Battle hymn of the 
republic / Annie J. Randall -- Discipline and choralism : the birth of 
musical colonialism / G. Olwage -- Power needs names : hegemony, 
folklorization, and the viejitos dance of Michoacán, Mexico / R. 
Hellier-Tinoco -- The power to influence minds : German folk music during 
the Nazi era and after / B. Sweers -- The making of a national musical icon 
: Xian Xinghai and his Yellow River cantata / Hon-Lun Yang -- Dancing for 
the eternal president / K. Howard -- Después de 500 años : the role of saya 
in Bolivia's black cultural movement / R.W. Templeman -- The power of 
recently revitalized Serbian rural folk music in urban settings / J. 
Jovanovic -- Hands off my instrument! / H. Reddington -- Barbadian tuk 
music, a fusion of musical cultures / S. Meredith -- There goes the 
transnational neighborhood : calypso buys a bungalow / M. Eldridge -- 
Fighting for the right (to) party? : discursive negotiations of power in 
pre-unification East German popular music / E. Larkey -- Who's listening? / 
B. Hogg -- Subversion and counter-subversion : power, control and meaning in 
the new Iranian pop music / L. Nooshin.

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> Helen McCookerybook signed my website's guestbook after I expressed 
> enthusiasm for her work and forthcoming book on "The Lost Women of
> Rock" --  
> and I invited her to join TG. Here is what she said:
> "Looks very interesting! Will have an explore and thank you for
> contacting 
> me. I have already published some chapters on my original research in 
> academic books, Music, Power, & Politics and The Post Subcultures
> Reader :)"
> Anyone familiar with these 2 books? (I checked on Amazon.com and they
> seem 
> pretty rare/expensive)
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