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Suggestion: maybe the title should be The Lost Women of British Rock
(1977-1985).  Just imagine who should be on that list if it was the Lost
Women of US Indie Rock 19 77-1985! Oh my!

Bush Tetras @ Tonic was wow!

Pat Place was once again uniquely brilliant in her guitar playing at the
Bush Tetras show Friday at Tonic .. now there is a completely under-rated
guitar player .. not wonder Chris Whitley always pointed out her influence.

Another example of a girl who had to teach herself to play as no boy in
Cleavland  would take her serious when she put down the painter's brush and
picked up the guitar and ask for lessons.  Maybe that is whey she sounds
like  no one else

FYI ... Tonic was packed out with listeners of all ages as the Bush Tetras
made real their return to performing .. Julia Murphy was solid on bass and
held the Irish spot  that Laura Kennedy had left. Singer Cynthia Sley
looking like a beatnik Virginia Woolf   seemed to capture what was than now
better than almost all the revivalist punk acts prowling around today ...
The  encore was Cold Turkey which had many a black glad listener of a
certain age nodding with rather than out.

Who ever choose to play Pylon's Feast On My Heart as the Tetras took the
stage .... was on the money .. Vanessa Briscoe's  wailing  and the pile
driving drumming of Curtis Crow were a perfect segue way to dee pop's
intense beat beat beat beat that shook the room and cleared the way for Sley
to bring 25 years ago back and forward in a moment.

jim fouratt

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> well, more than that, further down she says:
> Interviewing people
> It has been interesting. I am writing a book
> called The Lost Women of Rock, about female players of rock
> instruments in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Ages ago, I
> interviewed a whole bunch of people- Gina Birch (The Raincoats), Lora
> Logic (Essential Logic), Vi Subversa (Poison Girls), Enid Williams
> (Girlschool), Lucy O'Brien (Catholic Girls), members of Dollymixture
> and The Gymslips, Poly Styrene, and also John Peel and Geoff Travis.
> In the last couple of weeks I have caught up with some people I
> didn't talk to earlier- Tessa Pollitt from The Slits, June Miles-
> Kingston (Mo-Dettes, Funboy 3) and Gaye Black (The Adverts). What a
> responsibility, to put it all together. I hope I do them justice! A
> good side effect is that June is auditioning for The Slits, who are
> going to get back together; but now, I have to sit down and write.
> Problem is, the computer is in the same room as my guitar, which
> keeps flirting with me!
> someone wrote (on the ari-up list):
> >Helen McCookerybook says she has just interviewed Ari at the 12 Bar
> >Club in London, UK
> >
> >http://www.mccookerybook.com/blog/
> >
> >Like to read that
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