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"this is waaaay off topic, but tough luck. after the weak, almost totally
unwarranted attack made on me by some lurker last week, i posted a blog
on this topic mainly because these people are always the same. we've all
encountered this kind of person. they work in the exact same way every
time and i think it's kind of an amusing topic that might appeal to some
people here . . . this is all i'm going to say about it. anybody else can
feel free to use the aftermath to fling whatever poop you want at me here
but i don't care. i will wait until there's something else i want to
address on this list and simply ignore it. i'm that kinda guy."
Hey, thanks for the props!

"i just have to stay offline from these goddamn newsgroups."

Truth be known, Typical Girls is a mailing list and not a newsgroup.
OK, OK... Jason and Dina are right- we should try to behave better and be respectful here.  I just don't dig it when I keep seeing posts that are mean and non-constructive so I'll try not to do that myself.
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