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Thu Feb 23 15:59:02 EST 2006

this is waaaay off topic, but tough luck. after the weak, almost totally
unwarranted attack made on me by some lurker last week, i posted a blog
on this topic mainly because these people are always the same. we've all
encountered this kind of person. they work in the exact same way every
time and i think it's kind of an amusing topic that might appeal to some
people here . . . this is all i'm going to say about it. anybody else can
feel free to use the aftermath to fling whatever poop you want at me here
but i don't care. i will wait until there's something else i want to
address on this list and simply ignore it. i'm that kinda guy.



 i just have to stay offline from these goddamn newsgroups. 

every time i go to one, i'm looking for actual discourse. sometimes this
discourse arises from myself happening not to agree with the popular
thrust of the group mind. some people get really edgy when they hear a
good, clear argument against what they stand for or someone articulate
begging to differ in matters of taste. does that make me more "correct"
than anybody else? nah. it's just conversation. 

usually at that point some pathetic soul arises out of the woodwork in a
lame attempt to take a quick shot at the dissenter (me in this case).
it's always the same: in their tiny 12 point new-times-roman bug voice
they 1) make fun of my name (that's real hard) and then 2) tell me that
"nobody likes my crappy music" (not very imaginative, if patently
incorrect or at worst, a matter of perspective) and then they 3) usually
say that all i want to do is say negative stuff, when really it's only
the negative/critical/things-they-don't-agree-with they've actually
noticed amongst copious constructive discussion offered by me. it's
always the same limpwristed, broken record amateur-hour pratfall. it's
funny and impossible to take seriously as criticism. it bounces off me
like pure indian rubber. 

and this sort of attack accomplishes what? it makes that weak little
lurker feel like they've really got off their usually silent, ineffectual
butts and stood up to issue some kind of powerful statement to regain the
glory of the status quo! apparently they believe that their feeble act of
internet assassination has freed the group mind from any possible
criticism. BRAVO! little fool. i'm still here and you still have a bug up
your ass about me. tough luck. you know, what i'm NOT going to stay
offline from newsgroups . . . 

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