[TypicalGirls] Bush Tetras - Tonic

WWWhatsup joly at dti.net
Thu Feb 23 13:38:10 EST 2006

The Bush Tetras were really, really, good at the CBGB show with Ari last year,
particularly Julia Murphy on bass. Shockingly good.

Very to sad to say, altho I shot video, my MD of the board didn't work. I'm sitting on
the footage in the vague hope that the audio will eventually emerge from the CBGB archive.

Meanwhile I will miss this show, as I'm appointed to shoot the Bad Brains tomorrow.
Anyone else with a camera care to step up? Tonic will give you a board feed if
you have quarter inch adapters.


Jim F. wrote:
>bush tetras play tonic @ 9 fridAy feb  24.... NYC ....Original band except Julia Murphy repaces Laura Kennedy , Muirphy has been playing bass fo the last few years whenever they actually play live 

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