[TypicalGirls] Wanna Buy a Reissue?

Daniel Selzer danselzer at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 18 13:16:07 EST 2006

--- Jason Gross <perfect at furious.com> wrote:
> Dan 
> S had been keen to take up the torch for that.  Is
> that still 
> so...?  On this list alone, we have the contacts for
> Kleenex, Logic, 
> D5, YMG, the Raincoats and probably others.

Since Jason's spilled the beans I may as well mention
that yes, we've been keen on reissuing Wanna Buy a
Bridge. We started working on this a year or so ago,
initially with resources gleaned from this list. We've
gotten inital OKs from just about everyone but have
held off from talking actual contracts because I
didn't want to waste people's time if we couldn't get
many of the tracks in the end and had to scrap the
project. While many people have been very nice and
helpful, a few of the tracks are owned by some larger
labels and that's taken longer to sort out and
negotiate. However that is close to being settled and
we're about to go back and start making this real with
everyone else and hopefully it'll come together.

It's unfortunate but, it seems like the odds are good
that we'll be able to use every song from the original
compilation, except We Are All Prostitutes by the Pop
Group. I am still trying to see if we can't get it's
"owners" to help us out, but it's not looking great.
We may replace it with another Pop Group song thanks
to Mark Stewart. Their back-catalog, if you've noticed
the Japan only reissues, strange compilations, out of
print-ness, is a bit confusing. 

So if you're one of the people whom I contacted some
months ago about this and was wondering what's up,
expect to hear from us shortly! 

For the record, my hope is to release Wanna Buy a
Bridge? in it's original tracklisting in it's original
order, only difference being a different Pop Group
song (seriously though, anyone with friends in high
places at Warner UK please get in touch!). And to make
the CD really special and being aware that just about
everything on the original comp is available on one CD
or another, we're adding a 10 or so song appendix of
other early Rough Trade 7" releases, some of which
have NEVER been released on CD ever! I think it paints
a great picture of the label and the times. I'm
talking about stuf like Subway Sect, Nightingales,
Monochrome Set, Red Krayola, Cult Figures, Blue
Orchids, Missing Scientists, David Gamson, the Gist
and Epic Soundtracks w/ Robert Wyatt. A lot of the
influence for this came from this later Rough Trade
comp called Cross Currents, which is highly
recommended if you ever see it. I have a whole other
list of possibilities should any of those prove
difficult, but as mentioned, I've been in touch with
everyone who owns all those tracks and they've all
seemed excited about the project and helpful, so
hopefully it won't prove to difficult.

I really wanted to use a Girls at Our Best song but
nobody seemed to have any idea who currently has the
rights or how to track them down, if you have any
ideas let me know, though we've already pretty much
filled up the CD.

This is all off the record of course and totally
tentative, so don't go posting all over the internet
that Acute Records is reissuing Wanna Buy a Bridge!

You CAN post everywhere that we're reissuing the
recordings of Ike Yard, because that's being worked on
and we're really excited about it. We've been quiet
for a year or so but quietly working on a bunch of
VERY exciting things in the background, which I'll
write more about later. Hopefully we'll have a proper
web-site with some really cool features soon, some I
really want to tell you about but should keep my mouth

-dan selzer
 acute records

p.s. those in the NYC area, be sure to check out all
the events related to the US release of Simon
Reynold's book Rip it Up and Start Again. I'll forward
the press release soon, but here it is quickly:

2/28: Rip it Up and Start Again panel discussion with
James Chance, Steven Daly (Orange Juice) and Vivien
Goldman and more guests TBA
Mo Pitkins
34 Avenue A (between 2nd and 3rd streets)
7 PM, $8

3/11: Release party presented by XLR8R and Nublu, Kudu
performs live at 1am, DJs Dan Selzer (Acute Records,
that's me!), Mike Simonetti (Trougleman Unlimited) and
Roy Dank (Pop Your Funk)
62 Avenue C btwn 4th & 5th 
Doors at 8:30 PM, $10

3/31 @ The Downtown Show: The New York Art Scene
NYU's Fales Library
70 Washington Square South
6 PM, free
Simon Reynolds discusses New York City during the
postpunk era and the crossover synergy between the
downtown art world and the downtown music scene.

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