[TypicalGirls] The Raincoats this weekend

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>By the way, if it wasn't already obvious, I was joking as well. I do hope to
>track down a copy of the Lipstick Traces CD, which has the good version of
>"Wake Up" on it, one day. (Hey, there's a legitimate reason to yell at
>Greil, come to think of it.)

Agreed.  That is indeed a great CD with a lot of prime TG material on 
it.  I vaguely remember that Jon Savage might have been the one who 
put it together and Greil himself might not have had any involvement 
other than inspiring it from the book of the same name.

Sad to say, as much as I love Rough Trade, they're not keen on 
keeping older items available.  I understand that they want to focus 
on the new artists that they have but they should be proud of their 
history also.


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