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Hi everyone,

The event tomorrow is a celebration of Andy Roberts life ­ he died last
summer after spending a week in hospital having been hit by a motorcycle in
the street. It¹s not advertised as a gig as such ­ just really word of
mouth/net as it¹s a memorial. Andy organised a show at this same venue in
2001 and invited Ana and Gina to play solo sets and asked them to play a
couple of Raincoats songs at that time as he was a huge Raincoats fan- so we
asked him to the drums on the spot and he knew every beat! Tomorrow Ana and
Gina will both play 2 solo songs and then will play Fairytale and No Looking
from the first album ­ just the two of them on bass and guitar.

As far as the back catalogue goes we are selling the 4 albums The Raincoats,
Odyshape, Moving and Looking in the Shadows (we have stock of around 500 to
1000 of each cd) through the Rough Trade shop here in the UK so they are
available on mail order (www.roughtrade.com) for £9.99 each plus postage. We
plan to make a box set at some point in the near future with RT and in Japan
and Gina is working on a dvd of old live footage and new material to release
with the box set. We¹d like to re-release the back catalogue again and it
would be great to do this in the USA ­ any offers!

Alex from Chicks on Speed is currently compiling a double cd with music from
women/female bands from the 70¹s to now called Girl Monster which should be
out in April/May ­ this sounds amazing it¹s got tracks by The Raincoats, Ana
da Silva, The Slits, Delta 5 etc.

Ana and Gina are currently recording a Raincoats version of Monk Chant for a
compilation of covers for Silver Monk Time to raise money for a Monks
documentary by Dietmar Post. The album includes Gudrun Gut, SYPH, Psychic
TV, Chicks on Speed, The Fall....

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