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> Yes, I agree.
> I'm grateful that TG catalyzed the reissue process (thanks to you, 
> Jason --  and Slim and everyone whose name escapes me at the moment).
> I think people who are savvy enough to notice the omissions from the 
> Essential Logic retrospective probably aren't the majority anyhow. WW 
> admitted to this as well when he said, "It's better to have music 
> available in some form than none at all." All jokes aside, a Raincoats 
> boxset does make me salivate but *I* can't make that happen, can I?
> To be honest, I'm still sad about Andy from Linus passing away. I never 
> met him, but he was a significant member of the TG virtual community.
> -Dina
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>> Hey, could we stop all this stupid hate and juvenile fits
>> here?  We're supposed to be appreciating our favorite TG's and not
>> trying to keep settling imaginary scores and one-upping on
>> everything.  Dina, do you agree?
>> Best,
>> Jason
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