[TypicalGirls] no, let me apologize

slim slim at killrockstars.com
Thu Feb 16 21:05:18 EST 2006

i just went back and re-read old posts and emails.

i have been harboring a resentment towards the wrong person, for 2 
years.  weasel walter's comments about the essential logic comp back 
in the day were totally reasonable, now that i double check, and 
walter, i don't think you actually need apologize at all - i got your 
comments confused with the comments of paul smith, who was so feisty 
he even went to far as to imply that we should never have put out 
essential logic at all, because lora is now a member of a 
"politically questionable" religion, while he proceeded to fault me 
for not fighting harder for the "right" inclusions in the collection.

weasel, i am very sorry for confusing you with that jerk.  i'm glad 
we had this chance to clear it up.

- slim


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