[TypicalGirls] Shivvers/DVD-authoring help?

Chuck Warner chuck at hyped2death.com
Thu Feb 2 12:27:44 EST 2006

picking up the thread again on transferring non-protected DVD files 
onto a Mac...[or PC]

I've found (and bought) Cinematize --a program for both Mac and 
Windows that will take the DVD files and translate them digitally to 
Quicktime, MPEG-2 and/or a bunch of other formats (and extract the 
video if you want).  The downside is that that's all it can do ...and 
it costs $60.

After an agonizingly slow translation-process (about 8x real time on 
my 500MHz dual G4), however, Cinematize delivers beautiful 
full-fidelity files --and using .dv stream output you can import 
files of any length into older versions of iMovie...

I'm still researching outboard boxes for analog-input -to- Firewire 
stream conversions, and I'll probably get one of those (or a PCI 
card) for VHS transfers, but Cinematize at least took care of my 
immediate problem...

Chuck Warner
Hyped to Death CDs
P.O. Box 351
Westminster, MA 01473

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