[TypicalGirls] all teenage girl punk bands (Tobi)

smurf ziggysmurfdust at pandora.be
Thu Feb 2 04:26:22 EST 2006

>> •Calamités and Too Much? from France

are you talking about this Too Much?

They where a semi-fake band from Belgium, put together for this one 7"
A quick cash in for Yves Lacomblez who was also involved with the fake  
punk single from Plastic Bertrand.
The girls on the cover are probably not involved in the recordings but  
The A-side "Silex Pistols" (Pew Pew) was later rerecorded in a punky  
discoversion by Hansje (possibly one of the models)

And Les Calamités had a boy drummer and were not really punk, but a real  
pop band (ranging from garage over power pop to sparkling pop)

>> •Nixe, Wandas, Pin Offs, Removers, Pink Plastic Panties from Holland

You're right about the Nixe, they were girls, but they don't look really  
teenaged on the pictures I've got from them.
Still not shure about The Wandas, thought there were boys involved too.

Funny that all these bands (apart from the Wandas) are on the same comp LP  

Time Is Irrelevant
Reality Is Improbable


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