[TypicalGirls] all teenage girl punk bands (Tobi)

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Wed Feb 1 13:01:35 EST 2006

adding a few to the "all teenage girl punk bands (Tobi)"
I'm not sure of the age off all them. Just taking a good guess. Most of
these bands are from early 80's
Dolly Mixture - maybe teen at the start.
similar time and place to kennickie, LUNG LEG. good tracks.
•Yes, the Period Pains count for sure. also good. sort of an updated Vice
Squad sound.
•Kyah!, Nurse, Boys Boys, Beardsley from Japan
•Trummerfrauen, Östro 430 (Hans A Plast, is almost all girls) - Germany
•Tee Vee Pop from Denmark
•Extrém Exém, Usch, Fega Pahopp, Tant Strul, Livin' Sacrifice, Pink
Champagne from Sweden
•Grylurnar from Iceland
•Kandeginna Gang from Italy
•Raunchettes, Candy Apple? from New York
•Backstage Pass, Bangs, I.U.D. from LA
•Ruby Cadilac From Florida
•Cud, Curse from Canada
•Calamités and Too Much? from France
•Nixe, Wandas, Pin Offs, Removers, Pink Plastic Panties from Holland
•Chin Chin from Switzerland

More after lunch..

-- Marc
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